On Saturday June 22nd, two dozen volunteers ventured out to Wood Island for the first work day of the season. I lot of work was need to start getting the lighthouse and grounds ready for the upcoming tour season. Starting at 8 AM in the morning, the volunteers gave their morning, and some their entire day, to working out at the light.

The ride to the island was enjoyable as always. The ocean was calm and weather warm but overcast. The new motor on Lightrunner ran smoothly. Once at the island, the volunteers split out to tackle different tasks. It was a great turnout to have so many volunteers helping out so that so many different projects could be worked on at the same time. Some of projects tackled during the day included: trimming the overgrown bushes along the boardwalk, turning the hay-field back into a lawn, weeding the flower beds, cleaning the interior of the Keeper’s House and tower, and putting up the safety netting around the tower catwalk.

A special project of the day took place in the oil house. With the restoration of the floor of the connector last Fall, a new storage location was needed for our lawn mowers and weed whackers so that we could keep them off the new floors. So it was decided to bring the oil house back into service. To do so, volunteers cleaned out the debris that were in the oil house and repaired and reinstalled the oil house door.

At noon, the work stopped for a well deserved  lunch break, and continued for a time after for those that worked later into the afternoon. All in all, many hands made this a productive day on many fronts.

The maintenance will continue through the summer as the Woodchucks and Woodchicks start their weekly Tuesday morning trips to the island.

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