Island Internet Transmitter and Webcams Are Repaired

Internet communications finally returned to Wood Island today due to the work of Kyle Noble and Sean Murphy. The result is that the island cameras are now available again for all to enjoy.

FOWIL’s island internet cameras went out of service early this summer. It was initially determined that while the network on the island seemed to be operating, no connection was being received from the mainland. Several attempts were made to test and realign various components of the internet connection. Two antennas, one at Hills Beach and one on Wood Island transmit the internet signal to the island. A one point, the antennas and transmitters were removed from both locations and tested on the mainland. They appeared to be working, but when placed back to their stations, they again failed to operate properly. The final solution was to replace the antennas and transmitting components on both the island and at Hills Beach with new updated hardware. In just the several years since the original installation, the technology has changed and the new connection speed is much faster.

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