Latern Room

The lantern room at Wood Island Lighthouse has the interesting distinction of not being the original room on the tower. The original lantern room was removed when the light was upgraded to a rotating airport beacon in the late 1960s. In 1986, when the Coast Guard realized that it was going to start turning over lighthouses to independent organizations, they constructed a new replica lantern room, which was then installed on the tower.

Today, as the second youngest physical component of the lighthouse (second to the boardwalk), the Lantern Room remains structurally solid and sound. A thousand plus visitors a year climb the tower stairs to visit the lantern room to view the light and the amazing view of Saco Bay.

In the fall of 2012, the interior and exterior of the lantern room was repainted. Previously, some of the surfaces were starting to rust, which was causing a rusty discoloration of the newly painted tower as rain water washed over the lantern room’s exterior surface and onto the tower below. Coincidentally, the Coast Guard replaced the old VRB-25 light, with a new high efficiency LED lighting system soon after the restoration work. Further work on the lantern room should now not be needed for many years at this time.

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