Oil House

The oil house is a unique feature of Wood Island Lighthouse. The oil house was built to store the flammable liquids used to light generations of burning lights that were used in the lantern room. Most of the oil houses built at Maine’s lighthouses were built out of bricks, which makes this stone lighthouse with a slate room quite unique, and picturesque in its location of overlooking Saco Bay.

Years of no maintenance and occupation by seagulls left the interior of the oil house in poor shape. In the early summer of 2013, FOWIL volunteers cleaned out the oil house and repaired the broken door frame and door. The oil house was made secure again so that FOWIL maintenance supplies could be moved out of the connecter of the lighthouse, which recieved a new floor in the Fall of 2013.

At some point in the future, replacement of the missing slate shingles on the roof and an evaluation of the stonework may be needed for future restoration.