The Connector

It is easy to over look the importance of the connector between the Keeper’s House and the light tower on the warm sunny days when tour guests visit Wood Island. For those Keepers who lived on the island year round, the connector however made work and life for the Keeper far more bearable than the weather challenges faced at those lighthouses which lacked such a luxury.

In 2011, the roof of the connector was restored as an add on project to the Keeper’s House restoration performed in that year.

In 2012 the exterior of the connecter was restored to the 1906 board and batting design. Foundation work was done to restabalize the granite foundations for the connector and a new floor was placed. The connector now remains structually sound and weatherized for many years to come.

Future projects on the connecter will involve finishing the interior floors, walls, and ceiling, restoring the bump-out that once held the fog horn, installing a security door at the entrance to tower base, and the replacement of the current security door at the entrance to the connector. We hope to utilize the connector’s interior walls in the future as a display area for our many historical photos and displays.

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