What is a Tour Like

  • Visitors depart Vines Landing aboard the Light Runner, which can carry 16 visitors on each scheduled trip.
    We take a 15 minute trip out to Wood Island and debark from Light Runner on the boat ramp.
  • Tour Hosts start the tour on the mainland 30 minutes before departure. Upon arrival on the island, they welcome visitors to the island and relate to them the history of the lighthouse, giving guests the feel of what it would be like to be a lighthouse keeper over the last 200 years of operation. Photos are used and the lighthouse itself is a small museum with a few displays.
  • We walk on a wooden boardwalk ½ mile to the lighthouse.
    It is safe but irregular and quite high in places (no handrails).
  • Tours go into the dwelling house, the bottom of the tower and the connecting building. Access to the Keeper’s House may be limited due to the interior restoration work that is currently in progress.
    Guests can also explore the grounds and the oil house.
  • We gather with the gulls on the platform in front of the house.
  • Visitors (who are at least 12 years old) may also choose to climb the 60 stairs to the top of the light tower. The view of Wood Island and Saco Bay from the lantern room is amazing!
  • After the tour, photos and enjoying this wonderful spot, we return to the boat ramp for departure.
  • Visitors will have the opportunity on the trip home to give a donation to the Friends of Wood Island Lighthouse to help with the cost of maintaining the lighthouse, boat ramp, boardwalk and boathouse. Donations will also go towards supporting the restoration effort. We have done a lot but have much more to do. We pass a hat in the boat on the way home.  All the people who have provided your trip are volunteers. If you visit Wood Island you will have visited one of Maine’s only two island lighthouses which are open to the public and have scheduled tours. You are part of a special group!